Timber Management & Harvesting


We're In This To Maximize Your Timber Sales.

The timber market is highly complex. Too often landowners are approached by timber buyers with offers that are below what the market will bear. And, without knowing, the landowner doesn’t maximize his/her timber value! This is where Macy Tree can help.

Our team of experts has an intimate knowledge of the local timber market to properly time and execute your sale for maximum profit. We have an extensive database of timber sales across the country, keeping us up-to-date on current timber market pricing, and our foresters know the current local market conditions for the type of timber you want to sell.

With this data and our deep experience, our landowners consistently realize higher net profits from timber sales than going it alone. And you can count on our sales plans to be developed with the utmost sensitivity to property integrity and responsible harvesting.

How We Can Help?

Our process begins with gaining an understanding of your timber sales objectives. We conduct a thorough analysis and inventory of your timber species and property conditions, and put together a timber sales plan customized to your goals.

These plans are designed to adhere to the Best Management Practices as outlined by each state’s department of forestry. Long-term protection of property integrity and soil and water quality are key factors when the time comes to evaluate all timber sale options.

As a complement to this service we can develop plans for reforestation and long-term harvest scheduling.

Once the sale areas have been designated and inventoried, a bid invitation is prepared and distributed to all qualified buyers in the area. Our foresters then analyze the bids received, select the best buyer for the timber and prepare a timber sale contract for the landowner. Once sold, our foresters supervise all logging activities and enforce the conditions of sales in the Timber Sale Deed or Contract.


About Tree Services

Macy Tree started in 1996 with tree services in Zanesville such as, tree care (trimming), firewood sales, and tree removal. In addition to, we now also provide land clearing (e.g. right of way creation), environmental mowing (e.g. landfill mowing), disaster and storm clean-up, and logging services.

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